Kick off for disability in motion (Romania) J J J J

Type of project: Youth Exchange
Period: 29 April – 8 May, 2016
Place: Constanta, Romania
Number of participants: 50
Countries: Romania, the Netherlands. Turkey, Greece, Slovenia, Macedonia, Lithuania, Bulgaria
Topic: disabilities, education, video & media, diversity, tolerance and inclusion

The project focused on discussing and practicing ways of communication with people with various disabilities. For example, participants learned that a wheelchair is an extension of the body, and before helping someone in a wheelchair, it is always important to ask if help is needed. Another important topic discussed during the project was the importance of accessibility of streets, buildings and transportation, for all types of disabilities. In order to learn more, participants explored different parts of the city Constanta and evaluated the state of its  accessibility. They discovered that many aspects need to be improved, such as the abrupt ramps and lack of elevators in public buildings. Also, participants had a meeting with reprezentatives of the city hall of Contanta, were they could ask questions and give suggestions. 

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