Kick off for an amazing journey from insecurity to self esteem (The Netherlands) J J J J

Type of project: Youth Exchange

Period: 11-21 March, 2016

Place: Bant, Netherlands

Number of participants: 48

Countries: The Netherlands, Slovenia, Portugal, Romania, Turkey, Italy, Bulgaria and Poland

Topic:  creating opportunities for people with mental disabilities, European citizenship


Our project brought together 8 organizations that work with people with mental disabilities and/or Down syndrome or psychiatric problems. We chose this topic because there are very few Erasmus+ projects in this field and youth workers need more knowledge about the opportunities they have and to share experience on the subject with different countries.
The main focus of the activities during the project was the sharing and learning about the differences in this field among
countries, as well as learning about existing opportunities and active European citizenship. The goal was to create and maintain a network of organizations for people with mental disabilities and to bring ideas for projects they can organize themselves, at a local or European level. 

We organized funny and accessible activities, energizers, team-buildings, role plays for the participants, so that they got to know each other better, learn about new cultures and make new friends over the boarders.
After learning in a non-formal way about the problems and opportunities they have, organizations exchanged ideas about the projects and activities they can organize later. Another goal of the project was to send some of the participants with mental disabilities on short term EVS projects, accompanied by helpers.

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