Sit-s in Europe (The Netherlands, Poland, Romania) J J J J

Type of project: itinerary Youth Exchange

Period:  9 July – 2 August, 2015

Places: The Netherlands (Lunteren), Poland (Warsaw), Romania (Alunis)

Number of participants: 60

Countries: Romania, the Netherlands, Poland

Topic: intercultural learning and European citizenship


This itinerary youth exchange took place place in all the three countries where participants came from. First the participants came to the Netherlands, where they stayed during 10-24 July, then all the group went with the bus to Poland, where they stayed until 28 of July, discovering the beautiful Warsaw and then the group headed towards Romania, where the last days of the project took place, in the Transylvanian region. The main aim of the project was to bring young people together, getting them to learn about each other, about cultural differences and moreover, similarities. Being together for such a long period helped them build strong friendships. Activities in the project tackled topics such as: European citizenship, intercultural learning, social inclusion, through role plays, sketches, sport competitions, group workshops, intercultural evenings etc.   

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