Dis(covering)abilities for NEET for U2 (The Netherlands)

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Type of project: Partnership Building Activity

Period: 29 May – 8 June, 2015

Place: Bant, Netherlands

Number of participants: 42

Countries: Croatia, Germany, The Netherlands, Romania, Italy, Estonia, Slovenia, Greece, Turkey, Moldova, Ireland, Georgia, Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Albania.

Topic:  creating partnerships for organizations working with people with disabilities, project writing, European Citizenship


This project was a follow up of all the projects we did before and the participation in the NEET (young people Not in Education, Employment or Training) network. In almost all of our projects we included people with disabilities or all kinds. All the time speaking to organizations, we found out that they have the same difficulties, that it is hard to find new reliable partners for projects including disabled and/or NEET people. The Organizations who work with disabled and/or NEET people are having trouble to find other organizations without disabled and/or NEET people to do projects together. And also the other way around it seems to be the same. Then we decided to organize a PBA especially for these groups in order to support also this Europe wide network.

We choose to involve as many as possible organizations, in this case 26, half of them with disabled and/or NEET and half of them without disabled and/or NEET or experience in this field. We taught and helped the participants to find reliable partners, to design and write a project and to disseminate, evaluate and follow up these activities, We put accent on the participation in this network and gave a lot of attention to the impact on short and long term and the dissemination of results. Participants were encouraged to work with one or more partners on future project applications.


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