Let’s get Down to inclusion (The Netherlands)

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Type of project: Youth Exchange

Period: 15 – 23 November, 2014

Place: Bant, Netherlands

Number of participants: 36

Countries: Netherlands, Italy, Turkey, Portugal, Romania and Spain

Topic:  creating opportunities for people with mental disabilities, European citizenship


This youth exchange was a premiere for Rock Solid, because it involved more than 20 young people with mental/intellectual disabilities, such as autism or the Down syndrom. The project aimed to connect young people and to share experiences of the youth workers. As the issue of mental disabilities is treated differently in every country, this time together facilitated the intercultural talk and raised the level of awareness and cooperation on this field, between the countries. Using specialized trainers and proper methods, such as role plays, informal talk, teambuilders and energizers. adjusted to the intellectual and emotional levels of the participants,  they learned about what being an European citizen with disabilities means, and which are the possibilities that they have. 

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