Your body and spirit are the corner stones of the European Union (The Netherlands) J J J J

Type of project: Training Course

Period: 6 -16 September, 2014

Place: Bant, Netherlands

Number of participants: 39

Countries: The Netherlands, Croatia, France, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Turkey, Poland, Portugal, Romania and Spain

Topic:  develop sport activities that can be implemented in youth projects


The aim of the project was to introduce youth leaders and youth workers to different types of non-formal learning connected to sports and a healthy life style. We played different types of activities (ball games, city quest, building paper towers, body sculptures teambuilders etc).  Each practical activity was debriefed after being done. We talked about the employed methods, when and why it is good to use them, who is the appropriate target group etc.  In this way, we helped the participants discover the possibilities in teaching youngsters about how to live a healthy life and, as importantly how to include people with various disabilities in sports activities. Although this seemed a challenge in the beginning of the project, participants realized shortly afterwards, and if you give this little more attention and adapt some aspects of the activity, it is in reality not that difficult to do it.

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