Guidance handbook on a healthy interaction with people with disabilities J J J J

Type of project: Training Course

Period: 28 October – 7 November, 2014

Place: Bant, The Netherlands

Number of participants: 40

Countries: Bulgaria, Slovenia, Poland, Czech Republic, Turkey, Italy, The Netherlands and Romania

Topic: social inclusion, European citizenship


This project was written at the initiative of and in collaboration with Raluca Oancea (Romania), who had participated in several previous project of our organization. The main concept and expected outcome of the training was to  write a  guidance handbook about communication with people with disabilities. We noticed that many times, although open to communication, people without disabilites don’t know how to properly communication with people with certain disabilites; when and how to offer help, what etiquette to follow and so on. A handbook that would include some basic rules, applied especially in the context of international projects, but also in everyday life, was extremely necessary.

This project gathered participants with and without disabilities. After several days of workshops and exchange of ideas, a written guidance handbook was compiled, which was later published on the SALTO website. It is still an useful resource for trainers and participants, involved in projects with people with disability.

The English version of the handbook is available here.


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