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  • De Glind is a small village community where several organizations offer care and support to children and young adults that cannot live at home due to mental and/or physical disabilities, autism, (sexual) abuse, or neglect. It provides (residential) care to approx. 130 children in a normal village setting. De Glind has leisure facilities, such as a children’s farm, an outdoor swimming pool, a football field, and lots of playgrounds. In De Glind children can develop in a positive way by learning how to play, live and work as part of a community.

    The EVS projects in De Glind are hosted by The Rudolph Stichting , which is an over 100 year old organization for youth care, responsible for the maintenance of youth village. The mission of De Rudolphstichting is to give children and teenagers living in De Glind a life that is as normal as possible, despite their limitations, and to stimulate their development and mental wellbeing. Follow this link to see YouTube films about the projects in Jeugddorp (youth village) de Glind.

    De Rudolphstichting provides placements for EVS since 2006. Starting 2015 they will cooperate with Rock Solid Lunteren as coordinating Organization.

    In the Glind there are four different possible placements for the volunteer, namely Intermetzo (2 positions), restaurant De Glinder and ’s Heren Loo. Taking into consideration your preferences, we as an organization will make the final choice of who will work where, depending on the match between the skills and abilities of the volunteers and the characteristics of the position.


    Intermetzo is a large organisation for child welfare and child protection. In de Glind Intermetzo offers 24 hrs. care (living, learning and recreation) in family homes and groups for children between 5 and 18 yrs. The volunteer will be placed in a family home as an assistant educator for the family parents  or as assistant recreation employee.

    The education assistant for the family parents will work within the Family, Youth and Children’s Services Division of Interzmetzo. In a family home a family [with their own children] lives and work together with 4 or 6 children who are placed from home because their own parents can’t take care of a proper education. The volunteer will work on schedule as an assistant educator in cooperation with the family parents; this will take place mainly on hours when the children are at home after school and in the evening. The volunteer will be asked to participate in village activities like St Nicholas and Kings day.

    The volunteer’s tasks are:

    • helping the family parents with the complete daily care for the children and teenagers:
    • Organizing extra activities for the children and teenagers, for example going to the playground, listening to music, doing something creative, baking cookies etc.
    • when necessary, accompany the children going to school or sport/recreation activities
  • Small household chores: tidying the house, doing the washing, preparing the table for breakfast/lunch/dinner and helping out with cooking.


As a recreation assistant you will work within a team of recreation employees, who offer every day a number of activities, for the leisure and recreation of the children and young adults in De Glind. These activities vary from creative hour through music/drum lessons to various sports. Mainly after school time, these activities are organised at the town centre De Glindster. The accommodation offers two gyms, a dojo [for judo lessons] a creative room and a music room. In the village a football field where weekly practical training lessons are organised. For all these activities you will be set in as an assistant who will help the children/young adults to benefit their partaking in a proper way.


Restaurant De Glindster

De Glindster is the multifunctional townhouse of the village de Glind. It serves as the centre of the village. The accommodation includes a restaurant, several conference rooms, a youth club, the church, and two gyms. The church is not only used for Sunday services, but also for concerts, conference groups etc. The restaurant and kitchen serve as an acknowledged “learning-to-work-program” for trainees with disordered behavior and/or learning disabilities. The restaurant is also available for family-and business parties.

As a volunteer in the restaurant you will serve as an example for aprox. 5 students in the company. After a while you are expected to be able to guide the students. Job responsibilities are, amongst others:

  • Serving customers/guests.
  • Taking customers’ orders.
  • Making sure customers have everything they need.
  • Kindly ask if everything is okay.
  • Small tasks in the kitchen.
  • Help guests who want to pay their bill.
  • Help the trainees to learn how to handle their behavior and/or disability.


‘s Heeren Loo


 ‘s Heeren Loo is one of the organisations in the Glind that offers residential care on a 24 hrs bases.  ‘s Heeren Loo cares for children and young people with (severe) mental handicap(s). At ‘s Heeren Loo, the volunteer will work in one of the family groups, which looks after 5 children and teenagers (aged 3 to 17) who can’t live at home because they need a lot of care which cannot be provided by their own parents. Every now and again 4 other children stay over for a couple of nights. The role of the volunteer is to work alongside the professional staff and support them in their care for the children and teenagers, and to give extra personal attention to them.


The volunteer’s tasks at ‘s Heeren Loo are:

  • helping the professional staff with the personal care for the children and teenagers: getting them (un)dressed, brushing their teeth, taking them to bed, giving food etc.
  • organizing extra activities for the children and teenagers, for example going to the playground, listening to music, doing something creative, baking cookies etc.
  • small household chores: tidying the house, doing the washing, preparing the table for breakfast/lunch/dinner and helping out with cooking.